About Us
With a more than 20 years history, Agostinni is engaged in the design, production and sale of SDA (Small Home Appliances).

Agostinni specializes in motor driven items and heating element products. Our highly qualified stuff, the professional technical personnel and our skilful R&D staff deliver innovation in design and speed into product development.

Agostinni has the final consumer first. Our R&D studies in depth the final consumer's needs and creates innovative and quality products that cover those needs. Agostinni also incorporates the trendy design into product development. Agostinni makes products for living-by-design consumers. This enables Agostinni to establish its position of main OEM/ODM supplier of small home appliances in the world and occupy a large share in international market.

Our values and preconditions in our long successful operation are quality, credibility, innovation, safety and design. Our extensive range of products offers a unique combination of price and quality.

All those make Agostinni simple the best.